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Disclaimer & Copyright notes.

Copyright Select American Homes, LLC, 2012 All rights reserved

Welcome to Select American Homes, facilitating the purchasing, renovating and tenanting of homes in the USA for International investors.

Our facilitation service allows investors to purchase properties directly from the foreclosure market at wholesale prices.

We do not mark up the properties we source. Our client always pays the price that we negotiate with the banks plus our facilitation fee.

We believe in the opportunity and personally invest in the market we recommend to our clients. We do not put forward any property we would not be prepared to buy ourselves.

We do not receive any commissions from any of the vendors we engage.

We walk away from properties that do not meet our standards.

We do not charge any upfront or joining fees to view properties.

We manage the end to end transaction and have a great support team on the ground in the USA to assist with setting up of legal structures, taxation, purchasing, renovating to rent ready standard and tenanting of your investment property.

Call us today. We are happy to help.

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